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New book that will warm your heart on these chilly nights...

Hurrah, another self-publishing journey is complete - and this time it's not about buy to let, phewee!

Bob Lamb's first book transports the reader to the late 1980s, where we join him and his wife as they hatch a series of inspired business plans to help them navigate the financial waters ahead. The farm needs to undergo some regeneration if it's going to thrive into the future, there are two sets of boarding school fees to be paid - oh, and the family home needs a new roof.

Cue a heady whirl of Bed & Breakfast, sheep breeding & sales, nature conservation and development and a lot of hospitality.

'This is a tale of dreams, faith, family, self-belief and perseverance. It's also a tale of friends, laughter, good food, flowing drink and the wonderful idiosyncrasies that are to be found in rural communities.

It's about what you can achieve when you open your mind, your home and your heart - and refuse to take no for an answer.'

This is the first autobiographical book I've been involved with and it was an absolute delight to edit. As I covered in a previous post, the self-publishing process is now so much easier than it used to be and we've gone from a first (rather rough) draft, printed for Bob's birthday, to a final published book that's available on Amazon, in around 6 weeks.

It really is a heart-warming read so, if you want to escape the nonsense of the climate we're currently living in and sack the technology for a few hours, dive in.

Published by Gunner Enterprises:

Note: Amazon is currently giving a dispatch time of 1-2 months, but orders will almost certainly be received within a couple of weeks.

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