Fancy being a published author?

Of course you do! I can help you produce a ‘thick business card’ that perfectly showcases your knowledge and expertise. What better way to support your marketing efforts and enhance your reputation?


Over the past few years I’ve worked with a variety of entrepreneurs, ghostwriting and editing books and then helping them self-publish – both in paperback, via print-on-demand suppliers, and online, with Amazon Kindle.


  • Have your own book that’s distributed nationally and internationally through a wholesale network

  • Create a powerful tool to support your sales and marketing events – particularly speaking engagements

  • Be able to give your clients a small ‘thank you’

  • Have something low cost and high value that you can promote and/or give away via social media.


To find out more about how to take your ideas and expertise from your head and translate them effectively into a published work, get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk to you about it in more detail.

Here are some of the books I've either ghostwritten or edited, available on Amazon (click image):

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R&R sm.jpg
Landlord's Friend sm.JPG
cocobook cover sm.JPG
PIS cover sm.jpg
cover jpeg sm.jpg
101 cover image sm.jpg
Superbook cover sm.jpg

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