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Fascinating new project from a life-long book lover

'Readers Around The World' is a blog focused entirely on the people who keep the book industry alive and yet are so often overlooked in the world of literature. There's loads of information out there on authors and their stories, but what about the readers that buy, digest, absorb, love and invest so much in books and the characters that inhabit their worlds?

This blog is a collection of interviews with readers from all across the globe, exploring their literary interests and tastes and finding out more about their relationship with books. Amanda, the creator of the blog, is also keen to learn about the literary customs and cultures in different parts of the world and see how they impact each reader's perspective and reading habits. A constantly-updated map of the world illustrates the progress of Amanda's journey to find and interview at least one reader from every country.

A great idea and a fascinating project that finally puts readers on the map, one story at a time.

(And yes, I'm in there ;) )

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