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Marketing materials case study

Over a period of six months, I worked with Fitness Guru Andy to create his brand and a portfolio of marketing materials:

  • a video club website 

  • business cards

  • banners for his workout set

  • flyers

  • a newspaper advert.

Andy was clear that he wanted his brand colours to be blue, red & white, and we settled on #3B8AF8 as the primary accent colour. The font is a clear Ariel, bullet points are always blue stars and social media/contact details are accompanied by a colourful icon.

The marketing goal is to drive people to the website, where they will then be directed to sign up to a monthly subscription (recurring payments via PayPal or Wix card payment system) for access to videos and live online classes.

The key benefits/information to be conveyed in every piece of marketing:

  • This is an online fitness video club

  • Keeping it personal: Andy is your new training partner

  • Product: online videos, available 24/7

  • Service: online live classes most days of the week for Premium subscribers

  • Benefits: Workouts are different, varied and for all ages and abilities; you can get fit in the comfort of your own home; it's like having a personal trainer without the cost; new videos added every week

  • 'Taglines': Your home becomes your new gym / Get visible results at home / Your new training partner / Together we are stronger 

  • £10 or £30 a month, no contract.

Design service

All materials are designed on a Word document, which is then converted to a PDF for supply to the printer/manufacturer.

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